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Belle' Ecorce Farms

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Belle Ecorce Farms

Belle corce Farms is a small farmstead and artisan cheese producer. Our licensed goat dairy and small Fromagerie is located in South Louisiana, in the heart of Cajun Country. Belle corce Farms is committed to making natural, old-world styles goat cheeses without the use of preservatives, additives, hormones, or antibiotics We make fresh, ripened, & aged (raw & pasteurized milk) goat cheeses using French-Acadian artisinal methods.Our unique, non- traditional, seasoned Chvre discs are also a hit with our customers. Find our goat cheese at the farm,Red Stick Market in Baton Rouge, at Joey's Specialty Foods in Lafayette, Cena at River Ranch, Lafayette and fine restaurants in New Iberia, Lafayette, New Orleans and Shreveport.

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Bernard & Lastrapes Farms, Inc.

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Bernard & Lastrapes Farms, Inc

Springtime in Louisiana means crawfish season! Freah, live, farm raised crawfish are available at the Bernard and Lastrapes Farms, Inc.


Becnel Plantation, LLC

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Becnel's winery

Cellar Master Charles Becnel ll has been producing wines at Becnel Plantation since 2005 under the name Pierre Clidamont Becnel and features wines such as blackberry, currant, raspberry and sugarcane. Wines are available through internet sales as well as wholesale distribution. A tasting room provides the chance to taste the wines.http://la.marketmaker.uiuc.edu/main/details/422691

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