Factsheets and Publications

These fact sheets are an online resource intended to improve the user's understanding of food marketing and provide better access to regional food markets.

Marketing Agricultural Food Products on the Internet

Posted: Aug 31 2010 12:00:00:000AM

Steps to Marketing Your Product

Posted: Sep 7 2010 12:00:00:000AM

Preparing the Business Plan

Posted: Sep 7 2010 12:00:00:000AM

Relationship Management

Posted: Sep 7 2010 12:00:00:000AM

Niche and Ethnic Markets for Goat Meat in Illinois

Posted: Sep 7 2010 12:00:00:000AM

Melon Food Safety Resources for Producers & Consumers

Posted: Oct 7 2011 12:00:00:000AM

National MarketMaker and USDA

Posted: May 1 2012 12:00:00:000AM

Louisiana MarketMaker Newsletter #1

Posted: Sep 19 2012 12:33:24:153PM

Louisiana MarketMaker Newsletter #2

Posted: Nov 19 2012 11:33:31:297AM

Louisiana MarketMaker Newsletter #3

Posted: Feb 1 2013 11:44:12:277AM

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